1/13/17 Magic and mistakes

Energy…(What?!) is the name of my new book. If you’ve read it, thanks, if you’re pondering a read, then you came to the right place. The book is groundbreaking on so many levels. For starters, it explains energy in really easy terms, and mankind needs that. Energy is a big deal, like love (a REALLY big deal), because it’s as important to our Being as our physical bodies, and people need to understand that.

Yeah, there’s magic in the book. When you read it, you’ll find “mistakes”. When I wrote it and edited it (with others…several times), they weren’t there. There are reasons for that. Things happen “magically” to help us be in the best place possible. When you see a misspelling, for example, it puts you into a different place. I don’t mean the distraction of the word error though, I’m talking about how it calls you to the attention of the word. If I wrote about “birth” you’d likely be immersed in the content. If I spelled it “burth” though, you’d suddenly be in a different place, contemplating first the error, but then what it brings to your mind. You might think “Burth…birth…berth…like on a ship…ship….traveling…I’m traveling to see mom soon….mom…how IS she? I need to call her…” or something. You were prompted to ponder something that you weren’t otherwise pondering. There’s a reason for that – whatever it is.

Here’s the thing – how do we know that every book is exactly the same for us all? What if there’s a force that changes it into what we need to read in order to be a different person?

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