This is my book!!! WOOHOO!!

(As in, the name is “Energy…(What?!)”

And I have tons to say on it, but not today. So stay tuned. For now, you may have to copy this link, but eventually I’ll get it working so you can click on it and be transported…. 😉

This is the link:

Book Summary

Energy is a big deal. This is a groundbreaking book because energy is an important part of every human being as well as all living things. By understanding energy we can be, and will be, far healthier, happier and more connected. Energy…(WHAT?!) is a book about the energies of life. This is not the kind of energy that powers houses or builds muscles though; it’s about the parts-of-life energy that few people understand. If you have no idea what I mean, then please know this book is perfect for you.