Money changes everything

Hey Team,

Funny, it was only today that I noticed that money is green and so it the heart chakra. Interesting.

It’s kind of hard to see the latest layer of the painting – the green – as it’s a dark green with lots of black. Sorry I couldn’t get a better photo of it.

But yeah, the green is around money. Talk about a toxicity for mankind! I mean, how many wars are really around money? Sure, you could argue that many were over power…but what is power about? Money. More power, more money. Such craziness. If you want to know what life looks like without money, go to Burning Man. There is something very freeing about giving things away over selling them. It’s really wonderful. REALLY wonderful. And the green in this painting – it starts as a small part of the painting, but then wants to leach everywhere, climbing on some things, dripping onto others. SO like money – seems small, but eventually it dominates. Toxic toxic toxic. Such craziness…

Off to Burning Man!!!

Gang, I am SO ready to really work on this site more, but be patient with me. I am forever trying to figure things out (technology isn’t always simple for me). The books page – uuuuugh. But I’ll get there. Books are SO important and there are SUCH good ones!!

I promise I’ll be better. 🙂 For now though, I’m off to Burning Man on the 24th, so I’ll be better after that. If you’re there too – I’m staying with Naked Heart. My playa name is Phoenix. 🙂  Sending you all love!!)

Btw, the pic is an ariel view of the camp from another year.



Painting the next step

In which the huge painting continues.

This next part of the painting (the red strokes) are all about the affect of the toxicity on Earth’s energy field. In an ideal world you would see a lovely, uniform, light-filled vortex in which the Earth gives off really loving energy and all is as it should be. Instead you have this vortex that is distorted by energy that is throwing her (Mother Earth) off.

Which means that we are constantly encountering toxic energy, whether through the foods we eat, the pollution we breathe, the water we drink…(deep breath) there’s a lot of crap out there.

But this red – all this represents is the affect of our toxic energy on Mother earth’s energy. So let’s be clear – WE are doing this to her.

Here I am again!

Hey Team,

My word, you would think I would manage more entries wouldn’t you?  I’ll save you the excuses. I’m here now, and I’ll be here again (and more regularly) after Burning Man, which I go to on Friday (YAY!!!).

But here’s what’s coming – I’m working on a HUGE painting. It’s 9 panels of 5×6 feet each. Well, huge for ME anyway. I’m going to walk you through my thinking so you can watch it evolve. I’ll write on other stuff too, but that will be really dominating much of my blogging here for a while I think.

It started off as a 5×6 foot painting, but I had to buy the canvas in packs of 3. I looked at that pack and thought “ohhh yeah, this needs to be a series that is connected…and three paintings is just right”. Then I looked at my first canvas… all ready to go….and it just wasn’t big enough. I could feel it. So I put up all three canvases and ohhhhh yeaaaaah that was it!!  Thus I began.

This first threesome represents how the Earth is today. These black lines? They are the toxicity put into the Earth by Mankind. They are the start of the problem that created poor Mother Earth in her current state. This where we begin.

1/13/17 Magic and mistakes

Energy…(What?!) is the name of my new book. If you’ve read it, thanks, if you’re pondering a read, then you came to the right place. The book is groundbreaking on so many levels. For starters, it explains energy in really easy terms, and mankind needs that. Energy is a big deal, like love (a REALLY big deal), because it’s as important to our Being as our physical bodies, and people need to understand that.

Yeah, there’s magic in the book. When you read it, you’ll find “mistakes”. When I wrote it and edited it (with others…several times), they weren’t there. There are reasons for that. Things happen “magically” to help us be in the best place possible. When you see a misspelling, for example, it puts you into a different place. I don’t mean the distraction of the word error though, I’m talking about how it calls you to the attention of the word. If I wrote about “birth” you’d likely be immersed in the content. If I spelled it “burth” though, you’d suddenly be in a different place, contemplating first the error, but then what it brings to your mind. You might think “Burth…birth…berth…like on a ship…ship….traveling…I’m traveling to see mom soon….mom…how IS she? I need to call her…” or something. You were prompted to ponder something that you weren’t otherwise pondering. There’s a reason for that – whatever it is.

Here’s the thing – how do we know that every book is exactly the same for us all? What if there’s a force that changes it into what we need to read in order to be a different person?