Well hello !

This is me, I’m Gigi (also known as Phoenix) and I’m a healer. Well, actually what I do is facilitate healings. No one can heal your body but you. What I do is help make it happen.

I’ve been gifted since I was small, but actively facilitating different kinds of healings for almost 30 years. I have many different modalities (healing methods) that I use including belief work (similar to theta healing), energy work, shamanic practices, kinesiology, and channeling. Healing modalities have tremendous overlap, and the more one is able to use, the wider the scope of the healing possible.

My Life
Me personally? I’m a lot like you. My life has been all over the place with wild joy (like the the love I have for my children) and unbearable pain (loosing my dad, my daughter, and frankly my dog). The joy I’ll gladly take more of, but the pain part really sucks. It floors me how much pain is out there.

I work on myself all the time – letting go of stuff that doesn’t work for me, creating more joy as I figure out how, and loving more whenever I can. Love is a really big deal. Trust me on that.

I love who I am and what I do. I know you want to feel this way about your life too. That’s the goal….and it’s completely attainable.

Photo by Jack Rowell  – click here for his site