THIS – Phase 1 – In which we begin the great art piece!

I’m working on a HUGE painting and the piece’s title is “THIS”. Well, huge for ME anyway. It’s 9 panels of 5×6 feet each. I’m going to walk you through my thinking as I paint it so you can watch it evolve. I’ll write on other stuff too, but that will be really dominating much of my blogging here for a while I think.

It started off as a 5×6 foot painting, but I had to buy the canvas in packs of 3. I looked at that pack and thought “ohhh yeah, this needs to be a series that is connected…and three paintings is just right”. Then I looked at my first canvas… all ready to go….and it just wasn’t big enough. I could feel it. So I put up all three canvases and ohhhhh yeaaaaah that was it!!  Thus I began.

This first threesome of canvases represents how the Earth is today. These black lines? They are the toxicity put into the Earth by Mankind. They are the start of the problem that created poor Mother Earth in her current state. This where we begin.

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