All About Our Gifts


This is a series of workshops aimed at identifying what sort of gifts (clairvoyant, clairaudient etc) participants have and how they relate to each other. We’ll do this through exercises that show these gifts and discussions which explain them. At the end of the course, students are offered a one-on-one card reading with instructor.

Gifts operate through the reading/perception of energy carried by their owners, whether those owners are people or things. Information is stored in energy, and those that can “tap in” to energy can access that information. Some people naturally do this, others develop the ability. Here are some samples of what the course will include-


Psychometry – The ability to read objects. Each participant will bring an object for others to read, as will the instructor, and we’ll identify who can read, how they read (numbers, names, pictures) and how to improve.


Cards – Tarot cards are a classic example of cards in which one can read information, but any cards can be used. Participants will be asked to bring a deck of cards (whether pictures or numbers) and we’ll learn ways of reading them.


Telepathy – Learning what’s in someone’s head isn’t (usually) the same as hearing their thoughts word for word, it’s about perceiving what they are feeling. We’ll talk about how the energy field holds beliefs, what makes up those beliefs, and ways of perceiving it.


Channeling – When you perceive energy from a source and are sharing it, you are channeling. Energetic healers (including reiki practitioners) take in energy and give it to people in order to heal them in any number of ways. We can also hear/perceive/know words, music, and other information that can be channeled for multiple purposes. We’ll explore what everyone can do around this.


Adjustments – Gifts are sometimes used at a level that can be overwhelming (like perceiving the emotions of others) or underutilized (where the user would like to be better). We’ll be adjusting these levels and learning how to adjust them for ourselves.

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If you are interested in any workshop of mine, but the times don't work, please let me know times you like and when I have enough people I'll put together a class at a time that works for you (and I'll bring coffee if necessary)