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Higher Levels of Being

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I talk quite a bit about attaining a "higher place" as a goal. Please allow me to explain that. If we compare The Dali Lama with...well, most other people...we would say he is in a higher place. He has let go of materialism, sees all people as equal, holds the health of the planet as a priority, and pretty much gets everything right. Imagine our world if everyone were in that place (and WOW...right?!). I believe that anyone working on self-awareness is shooting for that very goal - attaining a higher place. 

One of my gifts is the ability to bring people into a higher place. I adjust them so that they let go of toxicities and beliefs that fail to serve them as well as download beliefs and circumstances that do.


This "workshop" is a series of meetings which will adjust us into higher levels of Being and knowledge (to our optimal degree). They will include daily discussions of what participants are wanting/needing, belief structure adjustments, and of course knowing and trusting ourselves. The main goal, however, is to bring all participants into their optimal place.

It meets monthly for five months, and the next one starts in January 2024. Email me if you're interested and I'll get you on survey for times that work for all participants.

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