I do a lot of different work on people, but here is what I generally charge:

- For single healing session (this usually is an hour), whether you have a physical, mental or energetic issue, and/or a healing to bring you into a “better” self, and/or a reading of where you are and where you are going, people pay $200.

- For an individual program where you are shifting over one month via weekly sessions, I receive $700 total for 5 sessions.

- When I'm doing The Big Shift, I have people with on-call access to me so we can adjust them in the moment as needed. They pay $1500 a month for this.

- These are hard times and I get that. If you NEED me, let me know what you can pay and we’ll work something out. 


If you'd like a session, or a package of multiple sessions, please send me a note through that little purple circle thing at the page's right bottom. I'll get back with you and we'll schedule something that works for us both.

Hi! Have a question? Click on that sweet purple circle down & to the right. I'll get back with you asap. :-) 

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