I do a lot of different work on people, but here is what I generally charge:

- For a single healing session (this usually is an hour), whether you have a physical, mental or energetic issue, and/or a healing to bring you into a higher self, including (where applicable) a reading of where you are and where you are going, people pay $400. The sessions are a minimum of one hour.

- For an individual program where you are shifting over one month via weekly online sessions with me, I now receive $2000 total for 4 sessions. The sessions are as long as they need to be, but always more than an hour.

- When I'm doing The Big Shift with a client, I give  them on-call access to me so we can adjust them in the moment as needed. They pay $4000 a month for this. People usually have the option of staying with me for this work, but right now I'm between houses, so that's not possible and it will take place using technology. You also can stay in a hotel near me if you prefer that. 

- I just started a new group where I am doing healing work on cancer on multiple people at a time. Check out my blog on it here

The cost is $50 a month, and gives you healing work every Friday night. You can pay me through PayPal (

Here is the link for the group & discussion-

- These are hard times and I get that. If you NEED me, let me know what you can pay and we’ll work something out. 


If you'd like a session, or a package of multiple sessions, please send me an email. I'll get back with you and we'll schedule something that works for us both.