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The Playground

Playgrounds aren't just for kids. They're a place where we all can have fun, and in many different ways. We can climb huge structures, descend down unending slides, assemble logs into art, and even have fun experiencing a quiet calm within ourselves. Our playground is for everyone, and our goal is just that - to have fun. We're just getting started, and are really psyched to have you enjoy it too !


The Organic Labyrinth

(Ready to experience !)

We decided to mow a labyrinth into our upper field, and it looks GREAT!  We enjoy it so much we are sharing it.

Citrus Fruits

A Folly !!

( Proposed )


A folly is a small(er) buildling that serves no purpose other than being interesting and/or fun! We LOVE a good folly!!  This picture shows one of our favorites. We intend to build one, but for now it's just an idea.  stay tuned!

FYI - The photo is a folly we saw in Edinburgh, Scotland. We could copy that...


Ohhh To Climb !

( Proposed )



That's me, at Burning Man 2012 on a structure I honestly would buy if there was the money. Great climb (3 stories high?), great view, and you can't see it, but there are cozy seats up there. I wish I knew the artist so I could write an appreciation note.  Our playground will have at least one climbing structure. Something that's fun and fabulous!! Stay tuned!!

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