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Kaupapa – the land within

Kaupapa is a plan, a set of principles and ideas that inform behaviour and customs. Mana whenua (authority in the land) is achieved when a person’s inward kaupapa is aligned with the outward land. When the relationship with the land is lost, people’s inner sense of security and foundation may be lost too.


My Kaupapa

I commit to a life that brings mankind and the planet into their optimal place. To that end I do everything I can. It's that simple. (of note - I put myself first. I can't serve to the optimal if I'm not in my optimal).

When I work with people, I offer it at a price that works for them, and then I bring people into the highest place possible. When I paint, I include an intention of a higher vibration for the Earth to embrace. When I do anything around the Earth including traveling, consuming and living, I do it as sustainably as is possible. I reuse, recycle and always aim to find goods which are sustainable for the planet, fairly traded, with fair wages, and in a place where we are the better for it. I am kind to all living things, and I honor all things past. I love deeply every living thing, and accept, embrace and amplify the highest life I can live.  I, literally, do everything I can to benefit mankind and the planet as long as that is in my optimal. And so it is.

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