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So this is my art.

I KNOW that art is really important. It’s what guides us into a new place, and reminds us of where we were. Plus, it’s an incredible truth because it’s an expression. I mean, how would you withhold the truth through art? Tricky. I’m also really into energy. Energy doesn’t lie, and art expresses energy. In fact, art also changes the energy around it. You’ve seen art depicting sorrow, happiness, anger…. and you probably felt it, true? That’s energy. When I paint, I have different things going on. Sometimes I’m expressing a really tough thing that I’m dealing with (so the anger), other times I’m representing a love (like in the portraits of my kids), maybe an event (a Burning Man I missed)…and sometimes I’m putting an energy out for the receiver to help them shift into a higher place. I paint with purpose, as I’m sure many artists do. So do I sell them? Sure…but I don’t play that game of putting prices on…if someone wants my art I ask them to make me an offer that they feel is right for me as well as them. They make it, and I feel the energy behind it. If they are being selfish and trying to get a deal, I have no interest in that and decline. But if they really want that painting and offer a vibrationally right price, it’s theirs.  So here’s a sampling of my work. Enjoy!

Things that make me happy


I was at a low point and trying to figure out how to get out of it, so I painted everything that made me happy. It helped a lot. 

So what does this do for the observer? It facilitates someone figuring out how to find their own happiness. It inspires.

TIOP all 2.jpg

This Is Our Planet

Check out the piece of mine I am super proud of! It gets to have it's own page.

Click here to check it out.


The theme is dancing with life as it is, and embracing the unknown. I give deep lectures around possibilities, and often shift belief structures towards making the impossible, possible. Belief is everything. It's life changing. This is a magic painting because it brings us into a totally different place...just like me and the work i do. Cool right?


Unconditional Love

I teach this. The painting though, this shifts individuals' energies towards it. It starts with loving the self.  Tough to love others if you fail to love yourself.​ 

Creating Connection

Serious magic here. This creates worldwide connection, and rids it of toxic loneliness. Embracing this painting brings you into a place of abundant community. 

Equality is love.jpeg

Equality is Love

I know that teaching compassion is a great beginning in solving many of the world's issues. Within that, equality is certainly a major component of compassion. I could go on and on about our need for equality, but for now, let's just call it vital to our existence.

These panels are the past, present and future of equality on our planet. The size of this is 15 feet across and 6 feet high, made of three panels.

Thoughts at Christmas

I love the imperfections on this. If you look at the windows, or the tilted buildings - what you see doesn't always fit. I love doing that - making people think.

I like starting paintings on special days. It gives them this very sweet energy. 

The finding of the self - mine

More struggling with finding myself. Again, because I was depressed. Depression is tough - you have no vision, and the only one who can climb out of it is you. And even then, sometimes you need pills. I didn't, and I'm feeling really blessed around that.

And the observer? This manifests they're finding the tools to find themselves.

Early Abstract

Sometimes I just paint. This was that. I was in a drawing class once with a woman who had Down Syndrome. She looked at my drawing and said that my designs were like the things that were in the air around people. The entire class was muted. We knew she saw things we did not. I love that I draw things I can't see, but clearly can depict. 

Working through fury

Yeah, I was seriously furious during this one. Interestingly, I remember who was involved, but not the why. I know I felt markedly better once it was done. Took a LOT to get through it (clearly) but it worked. Expression through art,'s a thing.

This manifests letting go.

Not a clue. But I like it.

I'll bet this depicts energy. I was painting and just enjoying colors and shapes. I painted this early in my career, and I seriously like it. 

This manifests inspiration through fun.

Portrait of my son

What's interesting about this is that it was painted during a rough time in his life. When I finished the painting, he really didn't like it, and I suspects it's because of the vibration. I love that he's comfortable telling me how he felt about it.

Portrait of my daughter

She likes it, but then she's like my Mom and likes everything I create. I look at this and smile - it really reflects her light.

I feel that portraits help us appreciate others and ourselves. Who is worthy of having their portrait done? (Everyone... always)

Burning Man missed


I'm a Burner (I've been to 8 burns to date, thank you) and I painted this a year that I didn't go. I REALLY missed it, so and held a strong intention to make the week FAB anyway. This was a part of that. It's a favorite.

Art never ever has to look a certain way. I find that some of my stuff is amateurish, and others are amazing. It's important to create art for fun, and not for results. So there are some fun drawings. I SERIOUSLY love markers. 

That's enough from me. Your turn. Go create something. And btw, if you want a book that will help you get started, check out The Artist's Way Workbook (and please order it from your local bookstore - supporting local businesses is really important). It's a great book that will help you do some self-discovering as well as diving into your own artist expression. I love you all.

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