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You should take a deep breath.  Actually, take three and really sink into them.... Ready? So I’m teaching magic. Magic is everything that science can’t explain….and science certainly can’t explain what I'm teaching.  I am SUPER excited about these courses and workshops!! I developed them after talking with all sorts of wonderful people and seeing what they were looking for. The Sacred Portal training is definitely based around a very high calling for Priests and Priestesses, and it's pretty all-inclusive. The Organizational Energy Work is completely different, though with energy there is always some overlap. I developed it as a training for entrepreneurs so they can operate at their highest level. The Weekend Ascension workshop is a great way to dive into the this world and get a fast start. It's all really FAB stuff team!

I currently am compiling lists of people interested in new rounds of these workshops in the new year (beginning in January), and am putting together groups based on availability and interest. When you are interested in any of the workshops, please let me know, I'll add you to the list(s), and keep you apprised of upcoming classes (contact info below).


The Sacred Portal is the place where you enter something amazing, maybe for the first time, and embrace who you are and what you can do. That is indeed a sacred act, and it's what I teach. This workshop is about bringing individuals into their highest place of service by teaching them everything they are meant to learn and sharing whatever wisdom and/or wisdom access is necessary. This isn’t going to be structured in a way that is predictable – I’m going to bounce around a lot as there is tremendous overlap. This is a very thorough course. It will start with basics, but advance to the higher level work quickly by year end. 


There are many ways to ascend into a higher place. Some take years, and some are mere adjustments to our Being. Belief structure is everything - what you believe is what you see (it's never the other way around), so moving into a place of broader belief is a worthwhile endeavor. So is leaving behind the toxicities for which we are ready. That's what this is about.


The magic here is in creating organizations that are more than just goal-oriented groups.This workshop is for leaders ready to use energy in a way that makes any structured community... more.The objectives for this workshop are to teach the ability to manipulate the individual’s energy (within the self and within the organization) so it is in its optimal place within and without, and, separately, to adjust the organization's energy so it is in its optimal in service to mankind and the planet. This will work for both non-profits and for-profits.

This workshop is a great starter for someone trying to figure out how to understand and navigate the gifts that they have. People rarely talk about the "woo-woo" stuff in their how they saw ghosts when they were little, or maybe they saw (or see) colors (auras) around people, or that their moms used to hear things. This class will explain how it all happens (it's about energy) and how to navigate it all so it's actually useful.

You'll start by learning what intuition is, how it comes about, and what to look for. Once that is understood we look at some of the different places it shows up for people (psychometry – the ability to read objects, tarot – reading cards, psychic – reading people), the different ways we experience it (visually, auditorily, sensorily...) and more specifically how it shows up for each of us.

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Weekend Ascension is all about bringing participants into a higher place where they actively use their knowledge to live a more aware and conscious life.  For all those ready to dive in to a higher way of Being, this is the jump-start.

The week before will be about lightly cleansing and clearing at home (there will be pre-event homework) while the weekend itself will be about seeing where we are and moving into a new place through healings, meditations and adjustments. 

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