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The Work of the Sacred Portal


The objective of this course is to bring individuals into their highest place of service by teaching them everything they are meant to learn and sharing whatever wisdom and/or wisdom access is necessary. This is a very thorough course. It will review with basics only to assure that they are covered, but it's more about advance work to achieve the highest level work possible before completion. You should expect an unpredictable structure – I’m going to bounce around a lot as there is tremendous overlap. 

This is an online class (with recordings available), and the next scheduled group will start in February. If you want to join the next open workshop, I am putting together a list of interested people, and whenever I have 5 who match intentions, we'll find a common time. The classes will be two hours each, twice a month online (with recordings available for missed classes) plus an additional one hour per month one-on-one session with me to assure that they are on track. This cost will be $3000 for six months..  I feel I should mention that I take this class seriously. It's a longer term commitment where you say hey, I want to learn A LOT. In my mind, I'm going to teach you everything I know. 

Sacred Portal Topics-

The Beginning

I really feel like there should be a class just to share what we know, what we are thinking and wanting, where we feel we are and what the Universe wants.  The Sacred Portal is for priestess/priest training so whatever is meant to be incorporated in, shall be.



I'll be teaching the levels of belief, what they hold, how beliefs work and how to shift them. We’ll review what beliefs there are, where they originate and what beliefs need to be shifted. We’ll also look deeply into words and intentions and understand what they manifest and how to use them optimally. 



Just like it sounds – we’ll review all the basics around energy. How it shows up in different people, what we know about it, how the masters use it and why that potentially is/isn’t something to duplicate, and how belief structures fit in. Every alternative therapy uses some form of energy, and we’ll discuss how they use it. We’ll discuss the differences between the medical world and the alternative therapy world, and where the trends are. Finally, we'll also review different sources of information available including the Akashic records and how, what and when to download.



Though Shamanism is a healing modality and I feel it’s unnecessary for this series to review all the modalities, I want to impart a basic review of shamanism. We’ll discuss power animals, the ability to journey, soul retrievals, the various parts of the shamanic world, and other aspects of shamanism so they are well understood and available as resources. 



What IS alchemy? I just googled for a definition and didn’t like any of them.  While I find that a lot of energetic work ends with something that can’t be seen, alchemy can be just the opposite – it uses energy for results that have historically been seen, like turning “regular” stones into gold, or creating magic elixirs that heal. We’re going to discuss what alchemy IS, how people are using it, how we can use it, plus how we can improve on how its used.



Taking information from one place and bringing it to another is channeling, and there are multiple ways of perceiving as well as communicating that information.  Some will hear a song and be able to write it down, another will inherently just know the answer to a question posed despite a lack of any prior knowledge. I have never met two people who experience channeling the same way. At the same time, all a channeler is doing is tuning into an energetic field and relaying what they encountered.  That field can belong to a person, an animal, a plant, a rock, a table, anything. The skill is in learning to tune in using the techniques available to us. It can take some people longer than others, so at the minimum I intend for everyone to walk away able to somehow communicate with themselves (channeling their own information) at the very minimum, but the ideal is to be able to "tap in" to anything. And really, if someone is in this class, they’re meant to channel. 



We heal using the skills we have.  Once we have a basic understanding of all these skills, it’s a just a matter of using them to our optimal. We’ll review how to discover what that is, and use the skills in different ways.



Rituals matter.  Though few people regularly partake in them due to a lack of belief, rituals are in our cells in many forms as something we DO believe in on multiple levels, albeit often deeper than we realize. Rituals are also an opportunity to tweak our belief structure into a more solid place. We each need to figure out how rituals can work for our benefit. We’re going to discuss different aspects of rituals (including alters) and figure out how they can best serve each of us. A discussion of the cool factor (I just think rituals are really cool) and how they are fun and involve really fabulous clothing and physical things will be enthusiastically included. Full disclosure - rituals fail to be something in which I am well versed. I will have done deep research prior to my class presentation, and I look forward to discussing this with you. :-) We may have some guest lectures here too. We'll see what the class calls for.

How to participate in this workshop series 

Email me. There is a place for everyone. I'm diving this up into three groups - Basics (where we'll really focus on understanding energy & belief, figure out your gifts and learn how to use them), Better (gets more into playing around with everything) and Fabulous! (because "where do you go after "advanced"?) I'm starting by scheduling the first Basics round, and I'll schedule more after that. Stay in touch.

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