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Organizational Energy

The magic here is in creating organizations that are more than just goal-oriented groups.This online course is for leaders ready to use energy in a way that makes any structured community... more.The objectives for this workshop are to teach the ability to manipulate the individual’s energy (within the self and within the organization) so it is in its optimal place within and without, and, separately, to adjust the organization's energy so it is in its optimal in service to mankind and the planet. This will for both non-profits and for-profits.


This is a small series of three classes (each class two hours long) online (with recordings available for missed classes). The cost is $700. 

Organizational Energy Topics


We’ll start with establishing what everyone wants for themselves, their organizations, the people the organization serves, and the world around them.  The goal is to learn how serve all these needs whenever and wherever possible


Belief Structure

We’ll discuss how beliefs work within the self as well as within an organization, how to adjust those beliefs, what the limitations are,  how to compromise when necessary, and where that leave us.


The Energy of the Self

Logically, if one fails to believe in their own self, they will fail to believe in any other one as well. Since the Belief class addressed the structure and potential limits of the self, this class will focus on bringing the individuals into their highest possible energy, while establishing tools to facilitate their keeping in this place.


The Energy of the Organization

We’ll discuss where and how energy lies within an organization, how beliefs feed into that and what can be adjusted. We’ll then go forward with how to adjust that energy and regulate it.



Taking information from one place and bringing it to another is channeling, and there are multiple ways of perceiving as well as communicating that information. If someone is in this class, they’re meant to manipulate energy and channel. We'll cover all that.


Holding the Space

What works today might fail to work tomorrow. Managing energy is a practice which, like meditation, will bring great results if done regularly, and sporatic, unpredictable results when left to chance. In this class we’ll talk about how to hold the space for the organization’s best energetic configuration.

How to participate in this workshop series 

Email me. There is a place for everyone. I am putting together groups based on availability and interest. When you are interested in any of the workshops, please let me know, I'll add you to the list, and keep you apprised of upcoming classes.

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