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If there is one thing that makes us all magic it is intuition. What's interesting is that it’s already SO present in our lives! We just tend to dismiss our experience of it (as if all that is just a "coincidence").

This workshop is a great starter for someone trying to figure out how to identify, understand and navigate the gifts that they have (note - everyone has something, and those with an interest tend to have more). People rarely talk about the "woo-woo" stuff in their how they saw ghosts when they were little, or maybe they saw (or see) colors (auras) around people, or that their moms used to hear things, or how their dad used to know when someone died...the list goes on. This class will explain how it all happens (it's about energy) and how to navigate it all so it's actually useful.

I'm offering this as three 2 hour classes online, (recorded) for $300. This is a class that I'll require as a prerequisite for many of my other classes because I want you comfortable with your gifts. It matters.


We start by explaining what intuition is, how it comes about, and what to look for. Once that is understood we look at some of the different places it shows up for people (psychometry – the ability to read objects, tarot – reading cards, psychic – reading people), the different ways we experience it (visually, auditorily, sensorily...) and more specifically how it shows up for each of us.


The most important things about this workshop are the lessons around understanding our own intuitions and what to look at and ponder in order to understand the meaning. Because really, we have these gifts for a reason and we're meant to use them. 

It's going to be a cool workshop. You should join us.



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