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What DO I do?

My work is limitless. 

The people who find me are either at the top of their game or ready to be. I take people who are committed to serving the planet and/or mankind in an extreme way and tell them what their highest service looks like, how to get there, and I give them multiple healings that open them up into such a higher place it's like they jumped in time.

I work with some of the most deeply talented people on the planet. What's cool is that half the time they have know idea that this level of talent is a thing. I do.

If you find me, it's because you are meant to be extraordinary. I help you get there.

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Have you ever played Chutes & Ladders? Where you’re trying to get to the end of the board and a ladder will allow you to jump ahead, while a chute will cause you to lose spaces? In that game, I would be a Cherry Picker (you know, the truck with the bucket they can raise really high?) – a way of getting way past where everyone else can go, quickly and easily. Putting aside ego, I’m pretty unique.

Some people are healers – you have something up, they do a journey, or maybe stick needles in you or move your energy around, all with the goal of solving your issue. Others can help you with the future by reading cards, consulting the Akashic records, or maybe they have some kind of sight. Others might be Life Coaches where they help you find your way into your best life. There also are people who speak with those who have passed.


I am honored to be extremely gifted. I do all those things – and more. When I have consent, I am able to enter someone’s energy field and read any needed information about them. That shows up as my having the intuition to “know” things that are unsaid. When I heal, I can tell why you have the issue as well as resolve it physically, mentally, spiritually & energetically. I shift entire belief structures when someone has beliefs that fail to work for them and/or identify toxic memories that had been forgotten or ignored, and facilitate the letting go of that toxicity. It’s all energy based, and I speak the language of energy fluently. I can speak with any entity – your conscious, subconsious, higher self, your kidney, and anything ON your kidney. What I do is speak to the energy of groups of cells. And I can access information in the present, past, future, in your DNA and/or your previous lives.

The coolest thing I do for people is identify their highest life path. That is, if you could do the MOST for mankind and the planet in this lifetime, what would that be? And when you find me for that answer, it’s because it’s big. This is the work I do in The Big Shift.

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