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 What are people saying? 

Gigi  is a solidly good person–she’s very kind, intelligent, and discerning, and she charts her journey through life with a rock-steady moral compass.  This wealth of personal attributes makes her well equipped as a dependable and trustworthy personal guide and professional coach, one who’s guidance would benefit anyone lucky enough to find her, and smart enough to seek her help.  

And Gigi brings more qualities to the table than these, and she’s far bigger than she looks. She’s possessed of a deep, pervasive mindfulness unrecognizable in comparison to the cheap wokeness our culture mocks, and she has ready access to wisdom and perspective vastly beyond that which most of us can see or even imagine exists from our limited plane of existence. These gifts endow this powerful master energy worker, gifted savant, author, and advisor with an extraordinary capacity to help and to heal, and makes those who find her more than just lucky or smart:  it makes them blessed. (Drew Khalouf)

Gigi grounds me. When I don't trust my own instincts, she can clarify with a channel. She can feel when my energy is low and when the strength comes back [from depression]. She will unfailingly work until she has her finger on THE source of what is what, in life, in questing, and especially in healing. I trust her with my soul and she has never done it wrong. She will be my healer for life!   (Gayle Ellison Davis)


Gigi is a very intuitive healer with a gift for connecting to the client's Higher Self in order to identify core issues that underlie problems. Her ability to combine channeling with energy work sets her apart from other healers and allows her to accomplish much in each session.  She's also very warm and understanding, which makes it easy to drop your guard and discuss all that's going on with your life. I have consulted her time and time again, for help dealing with "big problems", as well as times when I've felt "off" or "stuck". Regardless of of why I come to her, I always leave the session with great insight into myself and what's going on with me.  Gigi came into my life at a time when I needed her most, and for this I am eternally grateful. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. You will not be disappointed. In fact, I'm positive you'll be filled with gratitude for having come across her, much as I am.    (Anna Chudyk)


My hip no longer hurts; I have lost 13 pounds - to my surprise; I walk around naked because I don't give a shit any more; I have lost my taste for smoke toke and booze; I got a gallery show,  two new speaking gigs, I turned a turned a third down because it didn't pay enough - because I'm worth something now...I think the predominant feeling I feel is one of courage. I have lost so much fear that I feel like I'm prowling not walking. (Oscar)


I don't know where to begin describing the awesome healing Gigi has brought to me and my family. I am a converted skeptic. Gigi has the ability to overcome doubts, inspire confidence, uncover hidden personal issues and get to the heart of what ails me. Working with Gigi has changed my life (no hyperbole here) in ways I cannot begin to thank her for. I will continue to use Gigi's skills as an energy worker and healer for a long time.   (Jason Brandt)


Gigi is a power house of a woman wrapped up in a quirky and bouncy exterior. She offered to do a session with me and in minutes we went so deep. She helped me heal wounds that I had long buried and as vulnerable as I was I felt safe with Gigi. She is matter-of-fact and cheerful and so astute. Months later I saw Gigi teaching workshops at Burning Man and she glowed with palatable energy and wisdom. I feel honored and blessed to have this woman in my life. (Aurora B)


After experiencing Gigi's healing first hand, I felt such a wealth of energy flowing through me that for weeks after I felt unstoppable. The benefits are tremendous and I can't recommend her enough. You won't find a more passionate, thoughtful, caring and talented guide to health in mind and spirit.  (Chris S)


Gigi is passionate about helping people. She helped me work through something that was holding me back from making a tough decision, and she helped me see my beliefs from a different point of view.   (Craig Martin)


Gigi is the real thing. Don't ask me how she does it... I'm just a curmudgeonly farmer, but she's made me a convert.   (Ken Gagnon)


Gigi loves from the depth of her heart and beams pure unadulterated light out of her wide smile. To me these are the most important characteristics of a healer along with making you feel at ease which she does the moment you meet. Gigi is the rare mix of being fully grounded in her human existence while her light body travels through the Akasha. Her healing is powerful and skillful and reaches back millennia. Follow your gut and say yes… you won't be disappointed.   (Suzanne Ragan Lentz) 

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