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Weekend Ascension

Weekend Ascension is a good starting point for doing serious work. It's about bringing participants into a higher place where they understand how to actively use their knowledge to live a more aware and conscious life (which is where you want to be when starting to deeply serve your Being and the planet).  For all those ready to dive in to a higher way of Being, this is the jump-start.

The class is an on-site only retreat. The week before will be about lightly cleansing and clearing at home (there will be pre-event homework) while the weekend itself will be about seeing where we are and moving into a new place through healings, meditations and adjustments. 


Food will be provided and will be vegan and organic. Meals will be prepared together with lessons around controlling the energy of the food we eat. The workshop price includes Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, and Sunday breakfast & lunch and costs $600. Boarding with me will be an additional charge of $50 per night. The week preceding the workshop will be about lightly cleansing and clearing at home (there will be pre-event homework). Participants are asked to bring a journal if they like to process in that way, and a stone for holding a duplicate of the energy created. 

How to participate in this workshop series 

Email me. There is a place for everyone. I am putting together groups based on availability and interest. When you are interested in any of the workshops, please let me know, I'll add you to the list, and keep you apprised of upcoming classes. 

Art Piece - Ascension by Crimson Collective

Photo by Philippe Glade   2017 “delicately huge”

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