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Private Sessions 


I like to handle scheduling myself. When you're ready to see me, you contact me and we have a chat about intentions, desires, needs and availability. I can't get that information through a website. Let me know you're ready and we'll make it work.


I work with people in many different ways and here is what I generally charge:

- For a single healing session, whether you have a physical, mental or energetic issue, and/or a healing to bring you into a higher self, including (where applicable) a reading of where you are and where you are going, I am charging $300.The sessions are a minimum of one hour, and they can be either in-person or online. If you want a series or longer sessions, it's also $300 an hour.


- When I'm doing The Big Shift with clients, it's a longer commitment than one session. It usually takes at least five months to get people where they need to be in order to work from this new, higher, place that we've established. The first session identifies their highest path, offers healings that support their heading in that direction, readings of what is coming and needs to be known (through cards, Akashic records and/or my sight) and adjustments to support all of that. They also have on-call access to me to ensure they are progressing in a way and at a pace that is optimal for them. They pay $2,000 a month for this first session. Follow-up sessions include support of their path in terms of all needed adjustments, healings and readings, and also lessons their path requires such as an understanding of energy, abundance, and modeling. Again, they have the option to call me as needed. These sessions are $1,000 a month. Clients have the option of staying with me for this work (or in a hotel near me) if they prefer that over a video session. 


Whatever you prefer, please send me an email. I'll get back with you and we'll schedule something that works for us both.

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