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Private Sessions 


I like to handle scheduling myself. When you're ready to see me, you contact me and we have a chat about intentions, desires, needs and availability. I can't get that information through a website. Let me know you're ready and we'll make it work.


I work with people in many different ways and here is what I generally charge:

- For a single healing session, whether you have a physical, mental or energetic issue, and/or a healing to bring you into a higher self, including (where applicable) a reading of where you are and where you are going, I am charging $300.The sessions are a minimum of one hour, and they can be either in-person or online.

- For couples therapy, it's also $300 an hour


- For an individual program where you want regular weekly sessions with me I charge $300 per session for the first 5 sessions. After that we're going to have a discussion of where you are and what your needs are. Where it's appropriate, we'll work out a package if this is to be a long term thing.

- When I'm doing The Big Shift with a client, I give them on-call access to me so we can adjust them in the moment as needed. They pay $2,000 a month for this. Clients have the option of staying with me for this work (or in a hotel near me) if they prefer that. 

- I just discovered a new card reading technique at Burning Man. It's similar to the Big Shift, but it only takes a bit more than an hour. It starts with what you know about your life and what you want, and blows it up into a place where you can see your optimal life and contribution to the planet and mankind. Given that beginning, you also receive all adjustments necessary in the short term in order to meet those goals. Clients pay me $300 for this (are you seeing the pattern yet?).


If you'd like a session, more conversation, or a package of multiple sessions, please send me an email. I'll get back with you and we'll schedule something that works for us both.

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