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The Big Shift


This is it.

So here you are. Well done on getting here! It's a good sign you are ready for something much bigger in your life. Something significant. 

There are people who are ready to take on life in a big way.... to do something that really makes a mark, help the planet be significantly better off or support a large group of people into a better place. Some part of them knows they want to do this, and often has an idea of how, but they might feel it’s all in puzzle pieces and they are just stuck in that place of pondering. 


Then they find me...because this is what I do best. It's not unusual for them to be in a place of pain and/or discomfort. I start by adjusting that and taking them out of it. Next, I listen to what they are thinking is happening in their lives, their dreams, and whatever else needs to be heard. I take that, read into them, and identify who they truly are, and what they have for talents and gifts (whether they know it or not). Most importantly, I identify what their highest calling is. That is, what is the most that they can do for the planet and/or mankind? 


Once this is identified, the shift begins. My job is to get them into the optimal place from which they can do this work. Sometimes I adjust them into a place of power. Other times I bring them into a high self-confidence place, and with humility and respect. Some need a sense of readiness, a knowledge of what needs to be done and how, and a connection to a place within that brings them right into who and what they need, and want to be. I adjust them into whatever they need...and often into the place they want, but couldn't reach.


My clients spend at least a few months consulting with me as everything is identified and adjusted until they are ready to dive into this sacred future of service. They leave me in a beautiful, powerful, optimal place of readiness, knowledge, desire and again, power. It’s amazing work.

You will know you are ready for me if after reading this you say "HELL YES!". Contact me with the form below, or through email.  

PS - If this isn't your thing, cool. But if you got this far, chances are good that if you didn't see it for you, you were meant to see it for someone else. Please send them the link.

I'm ready when you are.

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