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Energy...(What?!)     (my book)

It's a book on energy, which is not surprising given that I'm an energy healer and an empath, but still...


A lot of people don’t understand energy at all, and it’s SO vital to our existence that I wrote this book to explain it broadly and simply.  I also give different ways of adjusting and healing our own energy. 

AND if you are at all gifted with any kind of intuition, you'll find information on that here as well. Btw, I included an entire chapter on kids and how to deal with gifts that they have, including being an empath.


There’s a link for it below (it’s also on ibooks…and on Amazon, but I’m boycotting Amazon until they improve their employee treatment, and help others MUCH more) BUT please go to your local bookstore and order it from them. It’s so important to shop at our local businesses and support them! It’s a far better way to get the book.



By Gigi Gallaway

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