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Though I regularly work on people, I also work on the planet. These three paintings represent the past, present and future energy signatures of our planet. The idea is that in the past we created the Earth as a polluted entity with many suffering people. Today we are seeing how that fails to work for us and we are seeking to rectify it, more and more and at a rapidly increasing rate. Tomorrow is the great future we will have, given how much we are seeing what needs to be done and following through into that place. This work depicts all that energy and either heals it or manifests it. It's my most significant work so far and I am wildly proud of it, just as I am proud of those of us working to change this planet into its optimal way of being.


(note - this piece is made up of 3 paintings (each painting having three 5x6 feet canvases), so the total piece is 15 feet across by 18 feet high, and that's before you put space in between them. Just saying.)


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