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Here I am!

I’m an artist, a healer, and a passionate environmentalist. What’s cool is that I combine all of that in my work. Phoenix Healing Fire is just that - it's what I do.


Some of my clients ask me to help them heal and/or resolve something in their lives. Life is hard, especially now, and I love being gifted in a way that allows me to help them.

Other clients find me because they are ready for something significantly different in their lives. They are ready to take on something big, whether that’s stepping into a higher part of themselves, letting go of something toxic and moving forward, or realizing that they are ready to be their truest selves. It’s cool stuff, and it’s significant. They don’t always know that….that it’s a big deal….but they know they are ready. And they are brave – all set to take on this new thing in their lives. I take on a lot of different people, but that’s the commonality I see. 


I am here to change the world. I’m very clear on that. Everything I do is to that end. Helping someone with their issues makes them more able to be a better person, and that helps the world. Bringing people into a more powerful self puts them in a really amazing place, and the impact of that is phenomenal! Regardless of the reason, when you find me, in some way, it's a calling that you may or may not hear, but it’s there and powerful. 

Me personally? I live in VT with my two dachshunds, I’m learning piano (and LOVING it), and painting pretty much whenever I’m not doing healings.

I also like to eat cake…

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