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Abundance....getting more of having more.

In short, it's teaching me that I really do already HAVE abundance (I am very blessed with great health, loving, supportive family & friends, money to support myself and a good resume to use as I need it. So why do I want more? Why isn't this enough?

When I advise people on figuring out what makes them happy, I tell them to imagine they inherited a gazillion dollars, and THEN figure out what they'd really like to do. Money drives too many of us in the wrong direction...or at least, into a direction that is less than what brings us joy.

So if you take money out of MY situation, what do I want? Well, you know that I'm here to (help) bring the world into a higher place right? Well really, I can do that better with more money. I can write checks for people and organizations that need money, I can make my retreat all it is meant to be, and because I don't need to budget (basically) and be concerned with my spending, I can relax into a higher place of light. And I need that. Stress is distracting.

THUS I am taking the abundance course. What's interesting is that I'm finding that I need less. Yes, I'm manifesting more money, but when I see what I HAVE, I find that my needs lessen for my personal life, and for the giving I want to do, they grow. Fascinating stuff.

And the pic? I was dancing at Burning Man at a gorgeous time of day with no cares in the world. I feel like that's how abundance feels - like you're all set. I highly recommend the course btw. I'm getting a lot out of it. :-)

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