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Are we giving enough?

I'm running a toy drive for the Pyramid Lake Paiute school kids ages 5-18. The land that the Burning Man festival is held on is there, so my group (The Great Give Back) organized around giving back to them. The toy drive is a part of that.

It feels unfair that I'm focusing only on Natives right now, when there are so many groups who need help, but that's temporary. My dream is to grow this organization into serving MANY more groups. It saddens me that we are not where we should be with helping out our fellow man. And the more we have, the more we can help. I am FURIOUS with these billionaires who give, yes, but could give SO much more. And instead they are working on flying out into space? Ugh...don't get me started....

I wonder how we can ever give the many needy people enough, AND how we get MORE people to even give at all. It really throws me that more people don't give to charity. It's so easy, and makes such a difference.

So I'm going to spare you another lecture, and just ask you to please (in general) give more. And spread the word too. AND call on the rich to do more. The world is never going to change until WE do. So as Gandhi suggested - be the change you want to see in the world.

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