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Burning Man 2022

So I went to Burning Man 2022!! It was my eighth since I first attended in 2010, and as always it was SO worth going!! Which, considering it was up to at least 129 degrees (I saw a thermometer reading), is impressive. I won't lie, I wanted to do and see MUCH more than I did, but I have trouble functioning in that kind of heat. I wasn't alone - the place was like a ghost town during the day. Everyone was hiding in the shade somewhere. And here's an interesting note - the roads were AWFUL, and apparently that's because the lake (the playa is a lake bed which dries up annually) hasn't appeared in two years. YIKES!! And hello global warming....

When the Burn was good, it was GREAT! I met some really wonderful people, led some cool workshops, made some new friendships, was asked to teach around what I know (which I love doing, and am designing a new class just based on that request) and discovered a whole new way of reading cards and identifying someone's highest purpose, which was FAB!

And yet...that was not the best part. The best part, really, was seeing a new part of myself. I noticed that I've been veering towards hermit-ing. I was staying home far too much rather than going out into the world more. I get intimidated. Like the heat at Burning Man - I just didn't want to go out, afraid of being stranded somewhere or something. Then one night I heard myself offering a challenge. I REALLY just wanted to go to bed. The heat was unbearable that day and though it was finally cool, the thought of sleep was just SO appealing that I was ready. And my Being said "can we just bike to the end of the block? I mean, we're HERE at Burning Man...we CAN make the most of it, and ok, you're tired...but maybe once you get out and going, you'll see another opportunity? AND if you get to the end of the block and still want to crash, completely cool." It seemed a fair offer. So I got to the end of the block...and sure enough, I wanted more. Whatever was keeping me back was gone now, and I went far out in the desert and saw the Temple.

I think it's really easy to let life pass us by, one small thing at a time. But it's also easy to take one small step to try and see what else is out there. Something we might otherwise miss. I mean, we ARE here. Making the most of it, of's a thing. So let's. :-)

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