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Comedians and Bullying

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Ok, just to start with, this photo really feels painful to me. That child looks so hurt...that's how it can feel to be bullied.

So at what point are comedians.. bullies with permission to be mean? I watched a comedian say words that actually got a guy up on stage who slapped him. And honestly? He deserved it. I don't condone violence, ever, but I definitely understand it. One of the messages I constantly use in my healing work is "What people say and do to you is about them, and how you take it is about you. What you say and do to others is about you, and how people take it is about them." So what that boils down to is that the people who are hurt from comedians are the same ones who are in a hard place and can't let things roll off their backs. That's tough. What's also tough is that comedians tend to say things that can be interpreted as true, or at the very least potentially true. That hurts even more.

But there is a line in comedy that should not be crossed. People can be made fun of, and not cut down. A good comedian knows where this line is and keeps it in their awareness as they develop jokes. A great comedian does this effortlessly. The bully is the one so wanting the laugh that they'll go for it at any cost. That's what makes a bully - a lack of empathy and compassion. Interestingly, bullies themselves develop from a need for attention and a deep sadness that causes them to lash out.

Happy, secure people aren't bullies. And happy secure people aren't affected by bullies. So what this all circles around to is how well we are taking care of our fellow humans. Really, it's up to all of us to show love, empathy and compassion, and as often as possible. I read of a tribe who had a wonderful way of helping someone lost. When a member did something socially unacceptable - bullying, stealing etc - they would all stand in a circle around them and sincerely say something wonderful about them. They would show them love. Can you imagine what our world would be like if we all did that? It's not that hard team.....

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