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Thoughts on racism and police

I am getting ready for Burning Man, and one of the conversations circulating is how to handle the police when they decide to visit. The chat included this link - for what to do when pulled over. The key phrase is to "shut the fuck up". I'm one of those people that just vomits information when I'm scared, so I understand why they say that. It's a shame that so many police people can't be trusted. They give a bad name to a good concept. I get calls from national police organizations all the time and I refuse to donate. When I see that ALL police are supportive of ALL peoples, then we'll talk. I'm still reeling from the black people they kill. It's SO EASY to put someone in handcuffs and throw them in the car....and that's when they're guilty! They are harassing and hurting black people on a regular basis! And our justice system puts WAY too many people of color in jail who are innocent, and gives way too long sentences as well. And btw, those are your tax dollars folks. Your schools are less because we are spending on jails. How easy would it be to help make society (cough cough police cough cough justice system) kinder and more supportive of all races instead?

On that note of support, I was in the Hartland Diner in Hartland VT (GREAT food btw) and found this book on every table. I flipped through it, and was immediately sold. Get this book....and while you're at it, get one for everyone you can afford to give it to. It's GREAT! Fun, funny, informative...really worthwhile.

And the title is spot on. We need to do the work. It's long overdue.

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