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What do you want?

Go for the ripples!!


I am manifesting a far better world (peaceful, compassionate, loving, and with equality for all AND in a healthy clean environment). All my postings are around establishing that by informing you of relevant information that will help us in that direction - it's all about the ripples!! ( And hey, tell me what you want to see towards that end and I’ll post it. 


Deeper Dialog

I’m asking what you want, because I am getting far more serious about this public media thing, and if I’m going to have your ear, I need to give you what you want in order for you to listen to me. My sources tell me that the first step to that is for you to understand who I am and what I’m about. So today is that explanation. It might be long, so maybe get something to drink and relax into this chatter. I mean, if what I say is going to solve everything, it’s probably worth your while to tune in, yes? And if not…well then you’ll know not to bother. See? Time well spent.


I’m starting by going backwards from the future to establish how I need to go forward.


So first, my future (whether in this lifetime or another) – I am in a world that is happy, peaceful, compassionate, loving, full of healthy equality and respect, with a fabulous unpolluted planet where all living things are free from suffering…you know, a utopia, and with the optimal living conditions for one and all. I have no idea what that looks like… and are you thinking “and is that even possible?!” Please…of course it is. If you can conceptualize it, it is possible. I mean, it might take a while, but it’s possible. So NOW the thing is, how do I head in that direction? What can I do NOW in order to forge a path towards that?


First, it’s what do WE need in order to forge that path. I need for everyone to want this future, and to believe it’s possible. When we believe in something, right there, it has power. When we want it…also powerful. People tend to strive for what they want, and to strive harder when they believe it’s possible (hence the popularity of lottery tickets – no one ever won who failed to believe they could). But that together – want and belief – and you are pretty close to manifesting. THAT is the magic bit (note – magic is everything science has yet to prove). I’m just asking you if you want what I want – which is this future.


If your answer is “YES! Of COURSE! Then FAB!!


Second thing – education. If you don’t know something, you really can’t do much about it. People with clean water sometimes fail to understand the problems with other people having poor water, for example. They likely fail to understand that toxic water can get absorbed into the Earth and then into the underground water flows, and into that clean water which is far away (like in their own water system). The more we teach, the more we know, the more we understand, the more we care, the more we act, the more things change. BOOM! 


Third thing – Faith. We must believe that things CAN change, and that our efforts DO make a difference. Like voting – one vote really does count. And each of our efforts…they DO manifest change, and DO make a difference. And having faith that it’s true is really important. It’s what keeps us trying when it looks like all hope is lost.


So why am I here? To instigate change. I’ll do the work – write it, photograph it, work on making it interesting and funny and not a snorey lecture, and post it. I just ask that you check it out and share it when it calls out to you.


Because change happens. And one person’s voice is often heard, and loudly, and makes a difference. Ripples people. Ripples.


I love you all.


And speaking of relevant links -

Love this video from the movie Spirited (SO worth seeing!! Great holiday flick btw)

And this one is a youtube classic (and cool choreography). But again...ripples...

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