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We're manifesting more love

Lance & Geeg

As of last Saturday, March 9, 2024, I am married to Lance. Let me introduce you to the man I love. We met on Bumble, dated a few times, and before I knew it my son Will was explaining that it was ok to fall deeply in love quickly. Permission granted, our love just flew into something very special very fast. And that was fine with us. We got to a point where we just didn't like being apart, marriage was discussed and pondered...and the next thing I knew he proposed. I said yes with zero hesitation.

He is my absolutely fabulously beloved man and best friend…and I just adore him!! And when he reads that…he’ll say he feels the same way. We’re beyond words. It’s beautiful.


We are very very blessed. I know that. And I’m honored that I get to have this deep, wonderful love, because I know that there are those who never get to feel love, well enough find a deep love like this.


I am manifesting that every single individual on this planet gets to have love in their lives, and a deep love, all to the degree that is their optimal.


I’m putting that here and asking a a favor – please manifest this with me. Everyone deserves a great deal in life, and love (IMHO) is the top of that list (Maslow might argue…and hey, let him).  I feel ELATED knowing that my manifestation will bring someone into more love. I honestly believe that a lack of love is feeding too much toxicity in this world….and that is stopping as we manifest more love.


That’s all.


I love you all by the way. Very much.

Of note - This photo is by the incredibly talented Ilona Wisniewska

Team, her photos are STUNNING!! And her website worth a look. She's also a talented writer (and revered in Poland), with a few things published in English.

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