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Geeg is getting a farm

Updated: May 13, 2021

Yup. I am actively shopping for a farm.

I am building a retreat somewhere... and I'm leaning towards Vermont, but honestly? I'm open. It started out small, like just 20 acres, but then as I started shopping, the difference between buying 20 acres and over 100 really became pretty minimal. Odd right? What changes price the most are the buildings and the location. But not always. I'm manifesting some cool old barns and things (like a silo - how cool would it be to put a stairway up to the top and pop a bedroom up there?!) (with a compost toilet for those wondering about those logistics...) on the property that I could fix up into something cool. AND old buildings about to crash are also FAB for taking apart and reusing that GORGEOUS wood. Many possibilities.

The idea of the retreat is to provide a place where people can have fun, relax, and reconnect with their Highest Self. Lofty goals, sure, but SO do-able...and when you're on a big tract of land, so much easier to reach. Do you notice how you feel better when you go outside? Funny that... So the search really started this year, but the more I think of it, I've been pondering this for quite a while. I have soooo many ideas!! We'll see where it goes. All I know right now is that I'd really like a good chunk of farmland, woods are welcome, some spring water, (a stream would be FAB) and a cool barn to start with. We'll see what I find. Please send positive vibes!


Btw - I'm not buying THIS gorgeous farm, I just used the picture of it. Shoutout to my marvelous friend Mac Hooper who took this pic. He was a favorite teacher from my high school and is a really sweet man...who is photographically talented....obviously. Thanks Mac!

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