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Stopping the "isms"

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Where do we go from here?

It's a week of honoring for this important man, and I find myself hopeful for our country.

Trump's presidency was scary. Seeing people killed by police was/IS shocking. The 2020 election being so close for Biden's loss was eye-opening.

The truth is out there AND we know what it is. Our country is divided, and we see that as clear as day. It's far easier to solve the problem you know exists. We have a president committed to unifying the country - to reach across the aisles - with his vice president, a woman of color. We have a liberal majority in our federal government, and thus a few advantages.

We can take a breath.

It's high time that things change. I feel that we have a really good shot at it too. I have Republican friends, and while we have our differences, we also agree on important things - like equality for all, dealing with climate change, some kind of better health care system than we have....I take agreement as positive.

And racism, we agree that it's not acceptable, and that we need to better understand it so we can eliminate it. Many groups are transitioning into equality, though in the meantime I could go on and on about what difficulties they are encountering, but here's the point - until we deal with all these "isms" - racism, feminism, multiculturalism - we're only getting a piece of the pie and not dealing with the central problem - equality. WE ARE ALL EQUAL! We just aren't treating each other that way. But so many of us see that! Now we are making an effort to understand it so we can change how we are behaving, what we are teaching and perpetuating, what we are allowing...what we are ignoring. More and more of us are insisting on, creating and manifesting equality.

I'm not here to judge whether you are doing enough. That's up to you. I DO know that there are lots of things we all can do to help mankind embrace equality. Equality isn't for certain groups - it's for everyone. So ok, let's help everyone. MLK's book "Where Do We Go From Here?" asks a great question. The answer is easier than you think. "We go forward and we change." And going forward is about giving it our best shot.

Tips for moving forward on equality

- Be kind, honoring and compassionate. Seriously. You can do that for FREE. It's about seeing each other for the human beings that we all are. Equality starts in your heart. If you really believe in it, then live it.

- Advocate. That's about speaking up for equality, talking about it when you have the opportunity (and ps - you'll rarely change a mind out of anger. It's always best to approach someone in a state of friendship, curiosity, and again, kindness. Listen to what they have to say as you discuss equality with them. They matter too), voting for those that believe in equality AND have a proven track record for equality supporting causes, companies and individuals.

- Write your representatives and tell them you support equality and that you want them to support it as well..

How to find your elected officials (Nationally, State and local)

- Give. Writing checks is a legitimate and GREAT way to help any cause. Never think you are giving too little. If a million people give $5, that's $5 million! It all matters. And if you can't give money, give time. The people willing to go to jail for the cause? Walk their dogs, babysit their kids, make their dinner - there are SO many ways to help.

- Educate yourself. Racism, in particular, really needs to be far better understood. There is a fantastic selection of books educating us around racism, so choose one that calls out to you. OR try googling "Top books on racism" and I'm pleased to tell you there are MANY lists. I liked this one -

Gang, equality is a big deal, and eliminating racism is an important step to take towards that. It's time to be there - equal, loving, compassionate and honoring of each other. Tall order right? We're already starting, so be a part of the momentum that moves it forward.

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