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I'm Leaving Facebook.

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Wow, is that a seriously weird photo to add or what? But it's what grabbed me.

I'm addicted to Facebook. I use it to connect with friends, family, to's a great resource. And I'll be honest, when I say "I'm leaving" what I'm THINKING is "probably"...because it's so hard. BUT BUT BUT Facebook's abuse HAS to stop. They have crossed the line SO many times, and while they behave like they will obey whatever regulations are imposed on them...they clearly can't decide how to be ethical on their own, so why should we expect them to suddenly take that on?

And HOW MANY organizations are the same way? Underpaying their employees, giving poor (if any) benefits, taking advantage of consumers......and hurting the Earth and Mankind in far too many ways. We HAVE to stand up!!

No, wait, we DON'T "have to" stand up. Which is why many won't, sadly. SO tragic.

And this is why I'm leaving. I want people to notice I'm not there. I want them to ASK why. It's like being a vegan. Part of the reason I embrace that life is so people ask about it and I can educate them about what's going on in the world. Now Facebook will be another example of that - my teaching the world.

I am compromising I think....I need people to SEE that I'm not there. So I'll keep my account but never post anything. AND the last thing I'll post is why I left. A reason right there. How's that?

OH - the stairway - pretty colors, funny angle, and it's distracting. It does lead you somewhere, but it's so pretty are you really sure WHERE you're going? Just like Facebook....


It's months after this entry. I'm sorry to tell you that I'm back on Facebook. I DID leave it...and nothing happened. And I realized that if I can't be heard, how do I advocate? Facebook is a great way to post things that impact people, and I do so want to do that - inspire with words. So I'm back, albeit disappointed. BUT we can only try. At least while I'm on there I can be productive. But I do notice the lemming affect Facebook has. It is what it is. There is good to it for certain...we just need to be aware.

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