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It Doesn't Have To Look A Certain Way

My Mom is visiting in about a week. I am THRILLED!! And yet...I am scrambling to get this place to look as fab as I know it can. Not because she's one of THOSE moms...and quite the opposite. Mom is famous for loving us and all that we do no matter what it looks like. She defines the word "accepting". Nope...I am doing it because in my head, it MUST look a certain way.

The irony is that I am CONSTANTLY telling myself that things NEVER to need to look a certain way. AT ALL. In fact I quote that to people all the time. ALL THE TIME. Which is no doubt why I sometimes miss seeing it in myself. Why would we be DOING something we don't believe in?

We do it because some beliefs are just that deeply ingrained. And we can tell ourselves that we are never a certain way...and we aren' most circumstances. But sometimes habits sneak up on us under OTHER circumstances. And that's what we need to look out for.

So what are the signs that we That we aren't living our TRUE life? That we are deceiving ourselves in some way? Well apparently, for me, stress and headaches are a sign. And fortunately I have friends with whom I check in who can identify things that I am missing. Which is how I got here and seeing that I was going for perfection (shout out to Gayle!! WOOHOO! Thanks lovie!) and that it was time to stop that.

So good - we're off that track, and suddenly I have OODLES of time to do things as the Must-dos for Mom's visit are now far fewer. So on the docket tomorrow? Christmas cookie baking!! ("How many are you making Geeg? Ten dozen or so?"....Geeg answers "wow, is it snowing outside?").

Happy Holidays Team!!!

ps - that photo has nothing to do with the holidays. It was just something that I drew, which I like. See that? It didn't have to look a certain way....

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