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Kaupapa - The Plan

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Kaupapa is a plan, a set of principles and ideas that inform behaviour and customs. Mana whenua(authority in the land) is achieved when a person’s inward kaupapa is aligned with the outward land. When the relationship with the land is lost, people’s inner sense of security and foundation may be lost too. So Kaupapa is a Maori (Indigenous New Zealand people) word that I just heard of.

The idea is that if you really want to help an organization (and in this case, the planet), you need to have a plan around how you'll do that. It's all very well and good to hold a solid intention (and it's a good start), but when you have a plan, you have something even better. You have a path to follow.

If you want to see a really strong (IMHO) example of a Kaupapa, check out the site for the Trick Of The Light theater group's Kaupapa page.

I am in the process of adding a Kaupapa to my life, and website. It's no secret how committed I am to the planet, and now I have a new way of serving that purpose. Here is my kaupapa if you are interested. I challenge you to come up with a Kaupapa around what you plan to do/live in order to make this planet and mankind better. There is only one backyard...and it's ours.

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