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Loving yourself

Have I mentioned that I teach how to love unconditionally?

It's absurdly easy. can't love unconditionally until you love yourself. So let's start with that. And excuse me, I'm copying this out of my book. Seems silly to rewrite it. And yeah, I could say "go buy the book" but you know, the world needs this, so I'll give it away wherever I can find a taker. The book IS good btw....

Picture yourself sitting across from you. Now to this lovely Being, tell all those things negative that you tell yourself and look at their reaction. “You are ugly, stupid and incapable of attracting a partner. That’s why you’re alone”. If someone I cared about said that to me, I would cry. Look at the face on this “you” and realize that you hurt yourself when you say bad things. Now say wonderful things. Make yourself blush and smile. Feels better right? THIS is how you need to treat yourself. Believing you are a great person is very realistic because you ARE. I mean that. For all the things you did that you felt were awful…can you please forgive yourself for that?

Healing Exercise – Loving Yourself

A lot of people fail to love themselves. I’m sure I needn’t tell you that this is a big deal. I mean come on, how do we really even function when we don’t love ourselves!? And how can we love anyone else?! Crazy stuff.

Read this aloud once, close your eyes and mentally agree to accept this into your Being, then read it aloud again.

“I love myself. I accept all that I am and forgive all that which I fail to accept. I open myself up to be the wonderful person I am, and love who that is. I am the highest and best person I can be, and I do exactly what I feel is right in any given moment. I love myself, I accept myself, I forgive myself. Always.” (deep inhale & exhale)

As a note, loving yourself can come and go depending on what’s up in your life. It can take a lot of strength and determination to love yourself all the time, but you can do it. I have complete faith in you. For now, start small and just love yourself now. When you feel you’ve stopped doing that, go through this exercise again and allow it into you. Eventually, the energy of it will take over your Being and it will become a part of you because you really do believe it. Just be patient. It will come.

PS Cool painting right? I actually painted it one of the years that I missed Burning Man. And since I teach Loving Yourself AT Burning Man (among other places) it seemed like a good excuse to use this painting. AND it's a favorite... ;-)

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