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Magic and Control

Magic is everything that science can not explain.

That includes the Earth's "heartbeat" (, Gravity, and most of all, energy (meridians & chakras for example). I do all sorts of things that science can't explain, so I, ladies and gentlemen, am magic. And hello, so are you, as you have an energetic system that hasn't been well explained. And interestingly, when it IS explained, like with quantum physics, there are a ton of scientists (and medical doctors....) who put it down. So interesting!

Have you noticed the VAST number of movies, books, websites and communications in general out there that revolve around various types of magic and mystical characters, lands and actions? I mean they are seriously everywhere. And they are SO popular!

So why do so many refuse to believe in magic? And with incredible determination? And check this out - how often do you see the conservative right supporting magical things? Not really often. And the seriously Christian sect? Yeah, not Harry Potter fans. And yet they believe in Christ, who was certainly a magician in his own right. And the bible is FULL of magic and miracles. So why believe in one magic and not another?

The answer is control. People with power want to keep their power, and when the underlings have open minds, they question that power, and take out the ones at the top when they realize they're jerks. Magic, fantasy, all that - it's a way of making us think in a different direction. It opens our minds, our creativity, our imagination. And when we are allowed that openness, we think of a better way of life. And that better way does not have people controlling us for their own benefit.

Magic exists, and it's good. Just saying.

PS - I got that image off the internet search and could not find it through reverse image search. I'm sorry not to give credit to the artist, and if you know the artist, please let me know.

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