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How experience shapes our thinking

It can be hard to believe, if it's something we've never encountered.

Is it "what you see is what you believe" or "what you believe is what you see"? Have you ever seen something you don't believe? Do you believe in things you don't see? I'm probably a poor example here as I tend to believe a great deal. Personal energy for example - I know MANY people who really won't embrace that it exists well enough use the knowledge to their advantage, and yet I deal with energy in different ways throughout the day. I wrote a book on it remember ( My concern though, is that we shut ourselves off to possibility when we decide to only believe what we see. Do you know that I have a friend whose sister levitates in her sleep? Apparently her boyfriend will wake up and have to pull her back down (which btw...why? Maybe he's afraid of her landing?). I've never seen it, but why would she lie? (oh PUN!) Now you can pull back and doubt the entire thing, or you can say " that's a thing?" Also, btw, if you google "levitation by sound" you'll find a lot more on levitation that I'll bet you didn't know. And suddenly, if we can google it, and find enough evidence...then ok, we believe it. But why did we need the evidence? Why not just believe it?

There are 7.8 billion people on this planet. That's quite a few. That we regularly generalize about them is something astounding really. Scientists do research with populations they feel represent these masses, make conclusions, and then live by them. Let's think on this - if they are doing research on mankind and use 100,000 people for this, we are suggesting that taking .0013% is a large enough sample for a conclusion. I disagree (vehemently) but that's me. My point is, it's too big a population to generalize. There's too much going on on this planet to know what is and is not possible.

So if we embrace that - that there is much more going on out there then we are aware....what are we missing? What books can we read to blow our minds away? What can we learn that is life changing? HOW can we change our lives simply by thinking another way? The possibilities are endless. Cool right?

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