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The stress around my property purchase

So how am I progressing on finding my property? Weeeell I guess that depends on how you define progress. I haven't found it yet. To be fair, I'm looking for a property that is a "HELL YES!" and that can be tricky. I've learned a LOT though, which is helpful. I know the price points, I have a really good idea of what I want and what I can do with the different properties I see, and honestly? I have become more patient.

I am increasingly patient more and more. This is progress. It's a LOT of progress actually, as in general I'm a very NOW person. But this is about stress management. I think that when we feel stress we tend to want to jump into the resolution rather than the cause. The stress I felt over finding a place faster was rooted in my beliefs that if my life & work don't look a certain way, people will think I'm goofing around and not take me seriously, or think I'm a failure. Two roots there - The first, that my life has to look a certain way, and the second, that what other people think actually matters to me. Neither of those root beliefs serve me, so I let them go. What does that look like that? First, I believe in things that are logical pretty quickly. That's a good start - believing in what is best for you. After that, it becomes a a practice. When I catch myself stressing I step back and look at the cause, then walk myself through this thinking method - looking for the root of it - and letting go of the stuff that fails to work for me (as in, saying to myself "Believing that what other people think matters to me is something that fails to work for me, and I hereby let it go").

Now as an aside, it's not ALWAYS this quick & easy. I do find that if I'm in a state that is difficult to remove, reaching out to others for help is a good idea. AND (are you ready?) eating chocolate is too. Chocolate helps. It's a sacred edible, so use that to your advantage. :-)

I love you guys.


PS This photo is of a GORGEOUS property in Scotland (my homeland) that I just adore. It's not for sale (as far as I know....).

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