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The Celebration Season

Hmmmmm...... SO it's time for lots of celebrating and giving gifts...and alas, being depressed and "less than". I don't know which side you're on (and maybe you're on both), but what I do know is that the greatest need this season is compassion.

Loneliness and desperation are real things and I really feel like they start a lot more problems than people realize, especially around the holidays when others are joyous in comparison. Compare the people blessed with many friends to the one with very few (if any). Imagine no one calling to check up on you, or being Homeless with nowhere to go, or having all the money in the world, and no one to share it with. The world has a lot going on, and it runs at an absurdly fast pace....but when it's just you, time creeps by and just plain looks and feels dark.

SO take that in, and reach out and do something. Volunteer at a homeless kitchen (or just send them a check - monetary donations are always a FAB support vehicle), reach out to that neighbor where you never see a visitor, smile at people you pass on the street and say "hello". Respond to the cashier who ends the transaction with "Enjoy your day!" Bring cookies to the post office or give something to your garbage worker. The possibilities are endless. I'm just saying that connecting with people will ALWAYS be a good thing and worthwhile. So go for it. And if you are one of the people having a tough time in the holidays, first, I'm sorry. Second, figure out what you need. Seriously - maybe you need MORE quiet, maybe you need to get out there more, who knows, but figure out what will make it better for you, and GET that. Taking care of yourself is also a thing.

My personal answer to many of life's issues is to bake. Sometimes for me, sometimes to give away, but I love the process. For me, baking has always been a way of expressing love. My Mom does that too. I just visited and and we had a crazy time baking, and it was great!

That's it team. Dive and in get it going! And remember, if you can't do everything, just do something.

ps - I'm a big believer in donating to non-profits. SO many organizations need help. Even $5 makes a difference. Give what you can, where you can. :-)

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