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Why care about Earth Friendly clothes?

(PLEEEEEEEESE research your stores!)

So in general my intention is to buy clothes second hand. The benefits are obvious - same clothes, just cheaper (What's make fashion? Choice. Think on that one), and it's fewer clothes off to the landfill.

But ok, sometimes we need something new. Fair enough. Personally, I LOOOOOVE Anthropologie and Free People clothing. AND when I buy new, I look for sustainability (I mean, let's not support those who are non-Earth-friendly right?) Well, neither of them get a HELL YES rating. For example, I did a quick google on Anthropologie and a pro researcher rated them "not good enough"

This is the issue - when companies fail to do the research into what they are buying, it allows poor environmental practices to continue. That means rivers could have toxins from the factories, there could be child labor, fair wages aren't get the picture. And when you buy from those companies with poor practices, you are doing exactly the same thing - allowing those horrible environmental practices to continue.

It took me less than five minutes to do the research.

Have you ever walked into a store, asked what sort of research they do on their offerings, and had them proudly tell you? You were probably impressed and felt really good about buying there. Honestly, when I hear good news like that I make SURE I buy something. And it's so easy to ask!! You'll know right away if they do their homework. People who care WANT to talk about it. People who don't do the research are embarrassed and don't know what to say. Because we all KNOW we should be doing this homework.

There are enormous piles of garbage all over the world. I understand the latest easy money maker is by buying up garbage and "taking care of it"....which means they dump it somewhere. The sellers say the buyers said they'd ethically dump it. So the sellers' due-diligence is done.

Clothing piles in deserts -

Atacama Desert Mountain of discarded clothes

And while I'm here, it's not just clothing that's an issue.

Pacific Garbage Island

Gang, we throw away too much....and it's not disappearing, it's just moving to where we can't see it. PLEASE BUY CONSCIOUSLY.

Lecture complete. ;-)

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