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Working on cancer

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

No other word silences a room like CANCER. Right? The fear around this word, this condition....this's huge. And consistently huge. I've come across numerous people with fears around cancer, and I've certainly done a good amount of work on my own. Cancer is a big deal.

And then there’s this - When I was 16 my grandfather died of cancer, and I remember (at the time) thinking that it was incredibly wrong that he died. I was sad, sure (I adored him) but it was more than that - I knew that the way it was handled was just that - wrong. And it sat with me. Then Dad had it and died then my daughter Gracie died from it…and it never felt right, the way it was treated (note - she was old enough to make her own decisions about how to be treated and she chose chemo and radiation….I honored her choices, though that certainly was not what I would have chosen). After Grace's death, as my views(?) on life calmed down, a part of me wanted to be able to heal cancer a better way, but it was never time. It hurt too much.

A man approached me yesterday to work on his cancer. Things I picked up on - his exhaustion, his fear, his determination, and that there were a LOT of layers to this and he'd need lots of healings. Alas, his budget wouldn't work with my rates. And you know, I know there are others in this position. I want to do something for all of these people. A friend does something I decided to emulate. He works on numerous people at the same time. It's a great idea. My methods will be different, but it's all really really do-able. Do you know that in fact I don't heal, but YOU do it yourself? What I do is facilitate it and amplify it. I am able to take what's meant to happen and make it happen in the highest way - whether that's in a higher quantity, at a faster speed or whatever.

If you want to understand (sort of) how I do it, I'll give you some highlights. First, I get in a place of honoring. This is a big deal for people, and when they trust me I step back and really take that in. I hold an intention to do what is in their optimal, connect with Mother Earth, and go forward in a loving state. In the healing itself, I take time out of it, and take that people are all very different out of it, and look instead at the commonality and work with that, adjusting for variations. For all the many types of cancers out there...they all are grouped under that one word. So I START with that - the commonality. Cancer, like all disease, comes from something that fails to work for you ("DIS-ease"). It's the body calling for attention. It started small, but when untreated, just kept growing. If you deal with the original cause, the cancer is done. If not, it will return, and sometimes angrier. Sometimes the medical process facilitates this, sometimes not. Regardless, your energetic and physical bodies want attention. I do that - I give them attention, a voice, and I figure out what that root is. But to work to the root of an issue you sometimes need to travel down the tree, often healing as you go. That's the process. It's shorter for some than others, but what it DOES do is buy time, and help you heal. Along the way there are also emotions that are cleaned out, so you'll feel more relaxed, calm, clear and with less fear. I'll get lots of healing in there. As much as a you can take at a time really. Oh - and I'll help the body to deal with the treatments. I'll adjust it so it believes in the treatment, let's go of the toxic part once it's job is "done" etc.

Sometimes people can touch someone and they are completely healed. It happened to my cousin, and it IS a thing. That's not what I do here. The reason for that is that it's not what these people are meant to experience. For whatever reason, they found me because they need it to heal THIS way. And as a note, not everyone who finds me WILL heal. Sometimes people find me so I can help their Being to deal with leaving for another plane (dying). I do all this work at the same time. Whether they are meant to heal or die, I'll help them get there. My intention is to heal, of course, and I fail to know if someone is meant to die..but sometimes the same work that heals will actually make dying easier. And that's a good thing. All of it is really. That's what I do - whatever is in your optimal. Always.

If you want to sign up for this treatment, here's the link on facebook where I manage it.


Btw - The photo is a painting of my dad's cancer.

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